I will provide you with support and assistance to help you with your family law case. I will draft court forms and other necessary documents for you. I will not give you advice as to how I think you should decide what to do in your case, but I will give you guidance as to what the court might do in deciding your case if you and your partner cannot agree.

I will give you telephone support and Skype support if that is what you would like.

I will help you prepare your case and I will come to court with you to help you negotiate and sit with you in Court.

I will do as much or as little as you want me to do – you are in control of your case at all times. I will empower you to represent yourself in your case with as much or as little support you need.

I will charge you for my time at an hourly rate which will be considerably less than a solicitor would charge.

In return, I will require you to pay my fees up front, in advance of any work I do, or court hearings I attend with you, in accordance with the estimate I will give you. I will send you a receipted invoice for the work or court attendance.

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Telelphone: 01377 270684